Alonso demands massive pay hike to remain with Ferrari F1

Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso is seeking a massive contract worth upwards of $150 million to remain with the team beyond his current contract.

Alonso is widely considered among the greatest Formula One drivers of all time but he has had to spend a very lacklustre five years with the Italian outfit, where he has given it his all in return for little reward in terms of titles and championship victories. The last time he won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship was back in 2006 when he was still driving for Renault.

Alonso joined Ferrari F1 back in 2010 but since then, the team has struggled to produce a car that can hardly allow a driver of the calibre of Alonso to the top of the podium, let alone the Formula One Drivers’ Championship and that has led to increased speculation that the former two time Drivers’ World Champion will be on his way out of the team as he looks for a more competitive outfit with former team McLaren F1 interested in his services once again.

According to reports from various sources, Alonso has issued an ultimatum with his agent asking for a huge pay rise for his client to remain with the Italian giants.

The Italian media has reported that the Spaniard wants a three year contract with a base pay worth around $50 million a season that would make him not only the highest paid driver in the starting grid, but also in the history of the sport.

However, it is worth seeing if Alonso actually remains with the team considering the disappointment of the car this season and whether he is actually pricing himself out of a contract extension or whether Ferrari F1 would consider such a huge outlay to keep the finest driver in the team.

Bernie Planning To Buy Back F1

Bernie Ecclestone has expressed his strong desire to take up the reins of F1 by buying it back. Presently, the sport is headed by private equity company CVC who bought it from Bernie.

Albeit, Eccelestone sold out Formula One to CVC yet he still had the charge in his hands until the company compelled him to release the position this year given his recent bribery trial issue in Germany. However, the 83-year-old strongly feels that he would soon be back to power and he also had discussions about it with CVC chief Donald Mackenzie.

“I have already spoken to Mackenzie & I’m looking forward to it”, stated Bernie, the man who is hailed as the most instrumental figure in assuring the heightened status F1 enjoys today. “It’s viable, albeit some other firms have expressed interest as well & I won’t go for an auction. My age is not an issue here & I don’t feel any difference than how I felt 4 decades back. I am into an agreement with CVC & not with shareholders. I’ve seen some silly things about being forced out yet there is nobody in the line to take up the charge’”

Despite admitting that CVC has been really good with F1, the Formula One supremo has declared that if he buys it back, he won’t operated it as some public company.

“Our firm has been quite a fantastic investment for Donald’s company & it would mean an amazing investment opportunity for me & for anybody owning it”, Bernie stressed.

“You would be able to make huge bucks from it & hence it won’t be rough to secure financial support. I operate it now yet that won’t create much difference. It simply implies that I would need to purchase the shares.”

Hamilton’s Focus On The Race

Hamilton’s F1 rivals are thinking that on Sunday he can bring his cherished 1967 AC Cobra Car to the grids of the Catalunya. However Hamilton topped both the practice sessions on Friday but still he didn’t overlook his competitors. He loves to scare them. It is the charm of the Mercedes car and its superiority that all the other teams were pale and looked helpless in the bright sunshine of Catalonia. They have just been into four races of the Formula One racing season.

Stefano Domenicali is the principal of the team of Ferrari, but he has not been able to win a single race since a year. On the other hand Fernando Alonso had got his last victory on the 12th of May last year in the Spanish Grand Prix. It was also noted that Sebastain Vettel did not took part in the practice session on Friday because of a fault in the wiring loom just when he was completing his first four lap that very morning.

McLaren was close to surrendering the champion position when it was said by Jenson Button that it was going to be difficult for the others to win the Grand Prix competition that year other than Mercedes as they were lagging behind a lot. Formula One’s return is very boosting for the teams in Europe as they bring along with them the upgraded packages of their vehicles. It was Mercedes who have won all the four races till now.  Though Ferrari also has all the possibilities, opportunities and capabilities to win the race but it has already been quite some time since we have been talking about this. This year too the race seems to be beyond their reach and they will have to wait till 2015.

Hamilton is someone who drives with serenity. He defeated Button by a fraction of seconds and he also finished almost half a second ahead of Roseberg in the afternoon.