Briatore Says Alonso Was Tired Of Ferrari’s Promises

Alonso made up his mind to leave Ferrari over a year ago. This is the claim made by Flavio Briatore who has had the leading role in the Spanish driver’s management as it was a part of his great career.

After being in red for five years, Fernando Alonso has finally decided to return to McLaren in 2015 as he wants to be a part of the team’s experience with Honda. Briatore informed Italy’s La Gazzettadello Sport that Alonso had already made up his mind to leave Ferrari back in 2013. He said that he had made a gentleman’s agreement with Montezemolo stating that if he isn’t given a winning car in 2014, he will leave. This is because he was tired of listening to the usual response that next year he will get a wining car.

Fernando Alonso Aiming At Becoming a Formula One Great Once Again

Fernando Alonso may b able to win a world title only if he joins team McLaren.

Alonso had a bitter previous experience with the team but that is not likely to keep him from joining the team. Alonso quit the team after having problems with Lewis Hamilton who was a newcomer to the team. Alonso is willing to forget that season. Lewis Hamilton currently races for Mercedes team. Jensen Button and Alonso will be paired up for the upcoming season. Button is currently 34 years old, he became a Formula one champion in the year 2008.

Alonso said regarding his first time experience with the team that he is much more matured now than he was seven years before when he quit the team. Alonso is now 33 years old and he said that he has learnt quite a few things that he didn’t know when he was 25 years old. Alonso said that he is not what he used to be 7 years before and he further added that Jenson Button is not like Lewis Hamilton which means that it is not likely that he’ll have a problem with Button. Alonso said that one must retrospect and learn from the past mistakes. Alonso considers that it is time for him to focus on his future and also become more competitive. He said that he should also focus on being happy as well. Alonso considers that he is ready for the contest against McLaren-Honda. He also thinks that it won’t be hard and that they are likely to win.

Jensen Button has said that he is eager to race alongside Fernando Alonso who he regards as an experienced driver. Button thinks that he and Alonso will be able to work very well together. Button is sure that Alonso will do his best to become a Formula one great once again.

Audi could join F1 with Fernando Alonso behind the wheel

When it was announced earlier this year that Stefano Domenicali would be leaving his role as Ferrari boss after serving the team for so long, it was expected that the longtime Ferrari loyalist would take some time away from Formula One and this belief was compounded when he took a job at German manufacturers Audi that has completely decimated the opposition in the 24 Hours Le Mans circuit using their diesel hybrid cars in the last decade.

But it now seems that Domenicali will indeed be making his return to the sport with the all new Audi F1 team and one team protégé Fernando Alonso behind the wheels.

According to reports, Alonso has declined to race a Mercedes powered car in the 2015 season and according to various sources, if he doesn’t get a one year rolling contract with the new Honda powered McLaren in 2015, he will decide to sit out of the sport for one year before making a return with the new Audi F1 team in 2016.

The rumors in WEC also indicate Audi will leave the sport altogether under pressure from Volkswagen and Porsche, the owner of the mark to give Porsche a free run in the WEC.

Audi will need to make an announcement regarding its intentions about the future and whether it plans to join Haas F1 in 2016. But perhaps the biggest gain for this Audi F1 team will be securing the services of Fernando Alonso, if rumors are to be believed.

The Spaniard will leave Ferrari at the end of the current season after growing frustrated at the team’s lack of direction and performance and Fernando Alonso believes that the powerful hybrid engines of Audi is the force he needs to get back to the top of the echelon in Formula One.

Fernando Alonso looking forward to joining his new team in the next season

The double world champion, Fernando Alonso has not had a very satisfying season this time around for his team Ferrari. He has failed to win any of the major races although the expectations from him were sky high. Somehow he has not been able to cope up with the team and lead them to victory. Numerous technical and personal difficulties have led to his undoing. The last race at Suzuka did not bring forth any good news for the driver either. He seemed to be out of sorts and lacked the exuberance and confidence that is so characteristic of him. The Ferrari team had earlier notified him that they are planning for a change in their ranks in the next season. Fernando Alonso himself seemed keen on moving out as well and he was considering a deal with McLaren who is another super power that has failed to deliver the goods this season.

There has been some ongoing dispute about the length of the contract that Alonso is going to sign with McLaren. He might be considering another move to Mercedes at the end of 2015 season and he has kept his intentions quite clear. His one year stint promises to be a good one for the driver as well as the team. Ferrari on the other hand will be signing up Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing as a replacement for Fernando Alonso. A number of rumors are doing the rounds but the contracts have not yet been prepared or signed for the next season. With the present season coming to an end, each of the teams are looking forward to strengthen their position in the upcoming season. The plans for the new year are in full flow and this is no different for Alonso himself.