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  • @dirtjumpbmxer There are sound simulators, that can reproduce the F1 sound on your speakers, they are not expensive, theres a few on ebay.

  • MetaKnightsKirby

    @skynet091287 Rubens set a 1:20.089 in qualy, with race fuel onboard. Whilst I agree such a thing would be brilliant (use Spa, though), Indycar would be hammered by Rubens’ lap (less downforce, ~100kg heavier, over 300bhp less…). Though I would be keen to see how an Indycar shapes up against the Peugeot 908 that races in the Le Mans Series. May sound 1 sided at first, but the older 908 HDi FAP qualyfied only 12 seconds slower than Raikkonen’s 2007 Q2 time at Spa…

  • t3lfordsuperstar

    smoothest pole lap by Alonso i have seen…

  • how can i get my toyota avalon to have this sound?

  • Sound of Ferrari F1 2010 car is better than 2011

  • @skynet091287 Dispute? There is no dispute. :). Take Montreal. A track quite similar to Monza, high speed and hard for brakes. Compare laptimes between Indycars and F1.
    This year, anybody, was astonished for the win of Vettel in Monza, almost 15kph slower than the Ferrari on the straighs, but with shorter ratios and more downforce, owned anybody. Better cornering speeds, traction, stable on braking. Not a chance to catch him. A real stake, won by Vetten and Newey.

  • On the limit lap

  • W Alonso,W Ferrari,W L’Italia!!!

  • @TheStockCarStig You try to gain max speed as soon as possible. What would be the point to gain top speed at braking point? Also, how? by making a longer gear? That would be way harder to get good traction. If I understood your question…

  • i wonder if the ferrari team would let me take the f1 car out for a lap on my learners permit.

  • Thumbs up if MrDoughnutsmokes video brought you here

  • Absolutely love the circuit. I watched there in 2008 and saw a stunning victory by an Italian team too ๐Ÿ˜›

  • @bhask008
    that’s called an hat trick in formula 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • They should make a weekend at Monza where the fastest car from EVERY raceseries in the world gets to do a single lab with a flying start to see just how close they could get to the 1:21.046 of Rubens Barrichello from way back in 2004. It would also be a good way to solve the IndyCar VS F1 dispute, in relation to speed at least…

  • Obviously Fernando is the best

  • MetaKnightsKirby

    @aieljose I think it is a combination of F1 cars having high drag, the 2.4L V8 engines having pathetic torque and the 18k rpm limit. 2006-2008 cars had much higher downforce yet still reached over 340km/h.

  • Best sound in the whole world.

  • @TheStockCarStig The aerodynamics limit the car to 335km/h. Even if it had 8 gears it wouldn’t go any faster. So there is no point in stretching out the gear ratios and compromising acceleration when you won’t gain any advantage in top speed.

  • Hey guys i have a question, why does 7th gear top out midway through the straight instead at the very end at 0:10


    @PsYcHoSeesYou mercedes did a test this year with their car and they got it from 300 kph to 0 in something like 2.6 seconds!! immense!

  • those are insanely powerful brakes! at the long straight before 1st corner he brakes at what? 80m till the corner?! 330km/h down to 80 in 2 seconds! mind blowing!!

  • i wish my car could go 18 000rpms

  • ferrari should do better than that fizzy drink outfit. lol

  • I nearly had a heart attack at 1:27! D:

  • I’m waiting anxiously for the Italian GP this year, only to see the cars beating the 360 Km/h in the main straight, using KERS + DRS.

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