2012 F1: What’s Learned From 1st 2 Races – SHAKEDOWN

Fernando Alonso Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  2. im1greatman

    Their are many Americans that love F1 and have a true passion for all things automotive.

  3. z9bmw

    i think
    Maclaren 7
    Redbull 6
    Ferrari 4
    Mercedes 1
    Renault 1
    the rest is for the rest

  4. Themayseffect

    also Romain Grosjean looks like he has major potential in that renualt as well. if he had not crashed in both races he would have really screwed with the top 5 results i believe.

  5. Themayseffect

    this might sound like a lame excuse for ferrari. but i dont they payed alot of attention to the f1 program this year, as much as some of the other series there in. ie. the street class. gt, touring, and even rumors of them making there way into LMP. i know that might be BS because Ferrari is a major corporation and may have many departments handling themselves. but ferrari as a whole i dont think there hand and foot is in the f1 seen.

  6. musiccridict

    for picks im thinking…
    McLaren 5
    ferrari 3
    redbull 5
    sauber 1
    Lotus/Renault 1
    Mercedes 2
    this is for the final 18 races. you may be saying i only put 17 well f1 in Bahrain will be cancelled for sure.

  7. CocoasaurusRex1

    McLaren gets my pick for points this year. Followed by Ferrari in second, Lotus third, RBR fourth, Mercedes fifth. Like Leo said its still early and there’s no one dominating team this year. Looks like a super close and exciting season!

  8. howler77

    No, disagree. McLaren starts strong and finishes poorly. Ferrari starts poorly and manages to finish strong. Historically (except for the Pat Fry years, incidentally) but recently, look at 2011: Macca had a driver place 2nd in forst two GP’s, then top of podium in China, 2nd and 3rd in Spain then the flukey weather win in Canada. After that it was all downhill. SAME THING in 2010. Macca still have my pick for the constructors championship. But most improved will go to Ferrari

  9. FunkyMonkey75100

    It is kinda what they do, but it is really what Mclaren usually does. They’re the kings of turning a bad car around o winning races. My symphaties are more towards Ferrari, generally speaking, but tbh I don’t see it happening. They’re planning a huge update for Catalunya where they’re going to take some of the radical things off of the car, but I personally don’t see them fighting for the title this year; the gap is just too big, they need almost a second per lap so…But we’ll see.

  10. joe599430

    Some American F1 commentary has been long over due. Speed channel only goes so far

  11. NottinghamForest22

    it sounds weird hearing an American talking about F1. This guy is good though.

  12. rjs15570

    Chris puts another concise perspective for us racers and fans. Reminds me of his classic one on the Ring.

    Please keep them coming man.

  13. itsnotagsr

    Leo – would be great if you could shed some further insight into why you think the Sauber car is good on its tyres. How do the engineers achieve this AND have good speed?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. suprafan246

    I can’t agree with you anymore Leo you’re so right. Mclaren had that race to win and they threw it through the window. Hamilton has no right being in second.

  15. 333pg333

    Really enjoying these very insightful commentaries and infograbs from a world that most of us observe from way down below and outside.
    Thanks and congratulations. Keep it coming!!

  16. XXXdc5

    Great commentary on the weekends race! Still say Sergio can kiss my ass and Alonso didn’t earn shit. Lol

  17. ztunelover

    Perez pushed too hard in that one corner. Nobody screws up that close to finishing on purpose, if he followed team orders he would have slowed down. The only reason I look at caterham right now is because I think heiki kov deserves a better seat. If perez goes to factory ferrari I think heiki should be offered a seat in sauber.

  18. GTRSv

    i should have been more careful with my words. From what i remember, they had KERS problems, i think vettel’s engine gave out on the last lap at malaysia during one year. Idk, im just going by what i think i remember. I only watch the races once.

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