Fernando Alonso has shown quite a great deal of courage in the forthcoming 2017 season even as he has a rookie for a teammate.

The Spaniard seems unperturbed as he believes the new season holds a lot in stock. This is a peculiar situation seeing as it has been a decade that he was in line for the McLaren.

At the time, the Spaniard was the reigning back to back champion and he had a very clear shot at the McLaren when he was paired with a rookie; Lewis Hamilton.

In an interesting twist of events, it seems history is setting up to repeat itself at the woking team as McLaren powered by Honda has paired the 35-year old Fernando Alonso with a highly rated Stoffel Vandoorne who is a rookie for the new season. However, even with the pairing, Alonso has said that he is not worried.

He expressed great confidence in vandoorne’s abilities, as he admitted that the Belgian was really talented. Alonso had watched him make his debut during his recovery last year. He said that for a driver who is new to the division, he did very well as it wasnt easy overcoming the pressure and getting admirable results.

“Being a rookie and getting a result immediately is not easy, but he did very well. I remember when I went back to Renault I had Nelson Piquet.

“Then came Romain Grosjean who was also going to be very fast and was not. The same happened at Ferrari with Felipe Massa, he was at Ferrari for many years and he was not faster,” Alonso said.

Then he added that “Kimi Raikkonen, who everyone said is a world champion but he was not faster.”

Alonso believes that Vandoorne’s presence will bring fresh air and that they both will work together to achieve the common goal.