Alonso Making Steady Recovery Post F1 Crash

Good news for Fernando Alonso fans- the elite FI driver is undergoing a “solid recovery” post his F1 crash last Sunday.

The news has been confirmed by McLaren.

The Spanish racer met with a collision as his car hit a wall last Sunday, at Barcelona-Catalunya circuit. He was immediately airlifted by helicopter for needed precautionary checks at the hospital. According to reports from McLaren, the world champ was pretty conscious & even had a chat with doctors while he was airlifted to his hospital. Before he was transferred to hospital, Alonso received a primary first aid from the medical center at the racing circuit.

“He was quite conscious & even chatted with doctors at racing circuit after receiving his first aid”, stated a report from McLaren while approached on Alonso’s condition after the crash.

“However, in full compliance to usual procedures in these situations, he was airlifted to hospital for his precautionary checks.”

The Spaniard would stay at the hospital for a few more days for better observation by the doctors.

The recent report from McLaren revealed that the champion rider is undergoing fast recovery now. He was seen chatting with friends, family & hospital staff as well. Much to the relief, of his fans, McLaren is happy to report that Alonso’s CT & MRI scans are completely normal. However, further evaluation is required to determine his participation in next Barcelona test-drive event.

Meanwhile, McLaren considers gusting winds as responsible for the Spaniard’s crash & dismissed rumors regarding electrical faults in the car- which is speculated by some to have caused the accident by making the racer unconscious. According to reports from McLaren, elaborate analysis of the car damage & telemetry data signified that the unpredictable gusty wind was the main villain here.

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