BBC F1 2011 – 16 Korean GP – Fernando Alonso shrugs off Sebastian Vettel achievement

Fernando Alonso Video clip Rating: four / five

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7 Comments on “BBC F1 2011 – 16 Korean GP – Fernando Alonso shrugs off Sebastian Vettel achievement”

  1. dstaplet01

    I appreciate the fact that he is being honest. He’s a highly competitive person, he wants to win everything and isn’t satisfied with anything else. He probably wouldn’t be racing at the top level of motorsports if he didn’t feel this way.

  2. AlonsoElNano

    What a guy and what a driver..keeps smilling although hes aware that his car is only competitve for third or fourth place.But with his charisma and his determination to win he earns respect…and a lot of people become a fan of fernando.He´s a great driver and i hope that he will be a part of f1 for a long time.Since Senna ,Alonso will be the first driver i will cry when he going to finish his career

  3. pluspianoguitar

    @iTitanium Completely right! But I think 2007 was a tough year for him. Lewis had the support of the team, but Fernando…
    Lewis and Alonso did an amazing championship, they deserved to win! But, you know, at the end of the season Mclaren wanted Lewis to beat Alonso, and not the other way round. Very unfair for Alonso but for Lewis too! They could have fight until the end like Senna-Prost did.
    In my opinion the best drivers nowadays are Alonso & Lewis!

  4. iTitanium

    The mistake in his career was 2007, This guy demands to be the number one driver when he moves to a team, that sort of selfish attitude fucked him over in 2007 because he only took a step back when he re signed with Renault in 2008, If he’d just try and beat Lewis on merit he would of been in a competitive car in 2008, who know where he could of gone in 09.

  5. pluspianoguitar

    “If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver. We’re competing, we’re competing to win” -Senna

    Alonso is a champion like Senna, and he’s competing to win. A 2nd place is a fantastic result for him, because this year is nearly imposible to be up there, but Alonso always wants to win, he’s a champion

  6. f1angel2008

    I’m a fan of Fernando, but I didn’t like his comment about not being happy finishing in 2nd. Of course everyone wants to win a race, but I think for this season, he should be happy that he managed to be on the podium a few times including a victory at Silverstone with a car that is not as quick than Red Bull or Mclaren. I do hope for a better season in 2012 for Fernando!

  7. dumkopf

    Damn. He’s looking like he did in his Renault days. Can’t wait for this weekend. Don’t think he can fight for a win though.

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