BBC F1 2011 – 8 European GP – Fernando Alonso enjoys ‘great fight’ with Mark Webber

Fernando Alonso Video Ranking: four / five

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11 Comments on “BBC F1 2011 – 8 European GP – Fernando Alonso enjoys ‘great fight’ with Mark Webber”

  1. Fagapperd14

    Fernando not only is the best as driver, is very respectful and well educated, thing that others should have. He has been cool about all the bully he suffered from the English teem. And he has the highest IQ of all the F1 pilots.
    A real champion!!

  2. Ferrari123planb

    @ColdCaseTwo its funny u say that when it happend 4 years ago. if u can remember last year alonso owned lewis in a car much slower than the mclaren. lewis, felipe massa, schumacher are not the drivers they once were. and lewis used to be better than fernando but im sure thats changed. as for vettel he may have the best car but he’s still the best as of right now. and btw i hate vettel. and i love schumacher.

  3. ColdCaseTwo

    He is the BEST and that’s BORING. Just admit it! Don’t blame Vettel! Blame the other teams, because they are not good enough.

  4. ColdCaseTwo

    For the record in case you forgot it. Lewis Hamilton owned Alonso in the same car in his rookie season. Lewis is better than Alonso.

    But another thing the ppl still forget, because you keep saying Lewis is better than Vettel and RBR is by far the fastest car. It’s not true since the last 3 races.
    Mark is an excellent driver who got the Pole in a Jaguar and P6 in a Minardi, but he has barely any chance against Vettel.
    Vettel won in a Toro Rosso and was faster than Lewis in Brazil 2008. He is t

  5. MclarenGooner10

    @BrotherYounis RedBull Fanboy and Hamilton Hater,You have no knowledge of Formula 1.Can you confirm you have understood this Message?

    PISS OFF!!!

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