Briatore Says Alonso Was Tired Of Ferrari’s Promises

Alonso made up his mind to leave Ferrari over a year ago. This is the claim made by Flavio Briatore who has had the leading role in the Spanish driver’s management as it was a part of his great career.

After being in red for five years, Fernando Alonso has finally decided to return to McLaren in 2015 as he wants to be a part of the team’s experience with Honda. Briatore informed Italy’s La Gazzettadello Sport that Alonso had already made up his mind to leave Ferrari back in 2013. He said that he had made a gentleman’s agreement with Montezemolo stating that if he isn’t given a winning car in 2014, he will leave. This is because he was tired of listening to the usual response that next year he will get a wining car.

The La Gazzettadello Sport also suggested that Briatore and Alonso have asked Ferrari to make use of its veto power to stop the move of the age old V8 formula to the turbo V6 formula. Bratore later explained that the problem faced in 2013 was totally about aerodynamics and as per engine, Ferrari was accurate. With the engine, they had to take a leap into the dark and Alonso had a feeling that the recruitment of the technical staff wasn’t sufficient enough.

Alonso has joined McLaren whom he has left in 2007 after a bad end to his tenure but then again. Time is a healer of everything. There are also rumors of the fact that there have been talks between Mercedes and Alonso but never a serious negotiation. Alonso was attracted to the resources that were being pledged for the McLaren project with Honda but Briatore has denied that his teammate for 2015 is going to be Jenson Button.

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