Eric Boullier Promises Not To Quit McLaren

The race director of McLaren Eric Boullier confirmed about not resigning from McLaren despite chaos going on in Formula One. He has won several races as well as championships each time he has worked in the past which also includes F1. He certainly doesn’t want to give it up so easily. As per Boullier, Red Bull Ring is the circuit of a real driver and he hopes that Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso show their potential especially after not so fruitful races for McLaren team. Although the team has gone through tough times with multiple retirements in the past races, McLaren will stand out to show its best performance in the upcoming races. Boullier does admit the fact that his team’s performance has dropped, but he is hopeful to see the chequered flag this time.

As per Boullier, the racing track is relatively compact and straightforward and you look at extracting smallest margins from the vehicle and driver within a quick slap. This is indeed not an easy task to accomplish as some of the corner spots look more inviting but in reality they are not. McLaren and his team despite the difficult races in the past are now looking for a smooth weekend. It would be great to see Fernando getting to the finishing line this weekend. A year back at this time, McLaren had no points in hand, but they are now in the fourth position with Renault. This was one of the targets they had in mind to fulfill and they succeeded.

Austria being the second race in the history of Formula 1 and the racing director feels that the Red Bull Ring is more focused on its fan like the circuit Paul Ricard and Silverstone. This makes the weekend quite an enjoyable one for everyone who is supporting the champions and the sport. The race is the second one of Formula One’s triple header and will be one of the best fan oriented events to watch.