25 Comments on “F1 2010 Gameplay Video – Hockenheim T-Cam with Fernando Alonso (Heavy Rain)”

  • @MrPopular22 go fuck you self in this video he did not make a single turn
    without driving of the track now say to me how am I gona feel about the
    game if I se this before playing the game my self? for sure averyone would
    thing it looks like a stinky game or at least not as good at it really is

  • @boweowen yeah man say that to another F1 Rookies and i’m sure they will
    say “stop seeing Formula One from now on”

  • @boweowen prick

  • have XBOX PS3

  • Listen to that engine SCREAM!!!

  • Why Hamilton is always first GODDAMMIT!

  • How is schumacher in 3rd????

  • @boweowen Who cares idiot? There are tons of people who watch gameplay
    videos just to see what a game looks like. Who are you to tell others what
    to upload and how to play their games? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • ferrari’s engine is very screamy

  • ahhhh its watever language

  • @boweowen you jst got owned by him dude haha!

  • @liveonscreen good driving my fren….ur the kind of driver i wanna race

  • @sniktun Hey Snitkun i went with you and got F1, certainly doesn’t
    disappoint. Thanks for your help 😀

  • can i play normal with a joystick ?

  • Cool game play, the sounds are HORRIBLE.

  • great drive in a heavy rain:)

  • DroppinKnowledge69

    @Sevencastle nascar fanboy? hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! wierd as

  • @Nickhockeyfan7 People like you should hang themselves.

  • can some1 help me? i recently got the game and started the career, on the
    second race (melbourne) i did 3 practises qualifying then they race. in the
    race about halfway through i was meeting my teams targets when it started
    to rain, i went into the pits to get wet tyres but the team put on another
    set of dries, this meant i was spinning around and going 20mph for the last
    2 laps putting me stone ded last. do i have to set up my tyres before the
    race? i chckd the wether for th race an it sed sun

  • well its nice to see vettel not winning the race 🙂


  • I am really impressed with this game. Ill be honest with you, in my opinion
    it beats GT5 right out of the water. PLAIN-AND-SIMPLE. This is a REAL
    simulator! The track detail is flawless! The car detail, is flawless.
    Damage is great!. And wet weather is AMAZING!!! This is the true, real leap
    in video game technology. I am not easily impressed with games, and i sure
    wasnt for GT5 especialy after waiting for it for over 5 years. F1 2010 is a
    5 star game. I will be looking forward to F1 2011!

  • @akkaching well, as far as f1 goes its by far the best game they have done,
    and the online is so fun. graphics as you can see are seriously good, when
    its in the wet like that its actually hard to tell its a game. im obviously
    biast but ide get the f1

  • Great driving skills, you’re like a real driver!

  • on this game with heavy rain im no god like jensen button is im shit just
    like hamilton is its so hard to see in this rain

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