F1 2013 | Singapore GP | Fernando Alonso AMAZING Start Onboard

Fernando Alonso Video clip Score: 4 / five

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25 Comments on “F1 2013 | Singapore GP | Fernando Alonso AMAZING Start Onboard”

  1. RB9ofSebastianVettel

    I’m Vettelfan all the time, but Alonso is undoubtedly the best starter of
    all time!

  2. Playster3

    You idiot! That Vettel on Button manoeuvre in Germany 2012 was punished
    because Vettel went completely off the track with all 4 wheels, but here
    Alonso keeps half of the car on the track all the way. Big difference!

  3. MrJiminibobster

    He didn’t gain any advantage by going off the track though so I don’t think
    it was a problem 🙂

  4. specter290

    damn did you see vettel? once rosberg went all 4 wheels off the race track
    vettel just dived in and took his position..

  5. magicElYo

    I really think, if you give that rocket called “Red Bull” to Alonso (In my
    opinion the best) Hamilton (Pure dynamite) or Raikkonen (3rd in
    championship with Lotus) they could win the championship at Belgian GP . .
    . Vettel is a great driver /for sure), but not the best.

  6. Rodrigo Luiz

    I don`t think there was pure skills because he used the outside part of the
    track under breaking. If there was grass in there he probably wouldn`t do
    the corner. Remember overtakes maneuvers like vettel on button that he was

  7. Playster3

    I love how he uses the yellow line to the max by going on it with half a
    car but always keeps the left wheels on the race track in order to avoid
    any penalties. Not only is he a really fast and skillful driver but he’s
    also clever as a fox. Amazing!

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