F1 2014 VS F1 2013 Fernando Alonso Onboard Melbourne Lap Comparison

Fernando Alonso Video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Comments on “F1 2014 VS F1 2013 Fernando Alonso Onboard Melbourne Lap Comparison”

  1. Knight Lautrec

    A sport about driving and wasting fuel resources for no other reason than
    driving for the sake of driving? And they say it’s to go green? Fuck off

  2. Stoney Karp

    So sorry to be the outsider, but i better like the v6 engine more than any
    other f1 engines :-I

  3. Dee Zee

    With more development throughout the season and more seat time for the
    drivers, the new cars will be a lot quicker by the end of the year.
    The new cars sound okay, they just need to be louder, maybe with a
    different exhaust system or something it will make people a lot happier.
    I am looking forward to this season anyway, the sport needed change and
    this year is going to be interesting at the very least!

  4. Strider

    Look at how much extra steering input Alonso has to make in this years
    Ferrari. That’s why I prefer the new F1.

  5. milliamp

    Ferrari had a bad year last year and Mercedes was completely dominant
    because they developed a better hybrid system than Ferrari did. The
    Mercedes team was pretty much within spitting distance of the 2013 lap
    times and this year as more teams have had time to improve their hybrid
    systems they will be a lot closer than the 2014 teams.

  6. viper2788

    Its now all about “watch your fuel, watch your tires, kers and drs zone.
    Pure racing is gone.

  7. Jose Miguel Faustino

    I think its very stupid the new F1 car have less 2 piston: 2013- v8; 2014-
    v6. I think the future F1 cars should be more powerfull or just making a
    few differenses on their aerodinamics. But taking out piston… What a hell
    is going on!!! :(

  8. Chris Mullen

    I’m all for being green but F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and making the
    cars essentially slower to save on emissions is ridiculous, that’s not what
    it should be about.

  9. goollink

    scratch that “1” from “F1″….it doesn’t deserve to be #1 anymore and
    rename it with “formula green” or “formula cheap” or something else

  10. G8GTJav

    Well, the 2013 car almost looks like someone playing a video game while the
    2014 car looked like Alonso was driving the hell out of it. If F1 allowed
    more aero on the new car, would probably be evenly matched. Also, the V6
    would sound better if it was allowed to rev higher like the 2013 car. This
    season should be interesting.

  11. Vadim Cucu

    I`m hoping that 2015 will bring some changes to the engines, at least let
    them have a bigger Hp cap to compensate for the sound like the cars in the
    late 70`s and early 80`s, if they could make up to 1200 hp then I think now
    it can be more safe, eco friendly and reliable. 

  12. Tawhid Ahmed

    I understand that being green is important nowadays. But couldn’t you keep
    the V8’s and concentrate on other aspects of formula 1 that make it so not
    environmentally friendly? Such as transport? The amount of electricity
    used? Maybe even use hybrid systems on the V8’s without the turbos so we
    can hear that grumble? 

  13. Scott Neilson

    Even ferrari can still make a v6 still sound somewhat good in my personal
    opinion . 

  14. TF MurPH

    For this team. The v8s was faster. But all around the new turbo motor moves

  15. TheTripol

    Meh even tho lap times are a second slower than with v8s by the end of the
    year (actually rosbergs pole was faster in usa gp than 2013.. but ye still
    I think cuz of how hard these 2014 cars are to drive compared to earlier
    years, and the new regulations, the racing has been so good that I actually
    enjoy f1 again :)

  16. vegetabudokai549

    here we can see that F1 2013 was delayed in almost one second, and in 0:40
    of the video, F1 2013 is visibly faster and a little more ahead.

  17. CGEustice

    I LOVE seeing the drivers wrestle the new cars. This entire generation has
    never had to drive a car that generates so much torque before. It’s
    definitely gonna sort the men from the boys! As for the sound… V8s
    sounded better outboard. Onboard I think the V6 sounds a bit better, both
    nothing compared to the V10 and V12 though.

  18. OmegaEGGY

    I quite like the new TTV6, reminds me of the older TTV6s they used in the
    olden days.

  19. Jonathan Lewis

    The new regulations were brought in to make F1 more evenly matched instead
    of Red Bull winning all of the time! The Sport was loaing viewers cos it
    was yoo predictable and boring so Bernie had to do something to save the

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