Fernando Alonso Crash Malaysia 2013 Formula 1 – Incidente Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. James Pennington

    No it looks like the wing failed when Webers car went by Danro, maybe the dirty air caused the final failure. Who knows for sure.

  2. DanroYamanashi

    Have you ever seen this in Alonso’s onboard? If not watch it and then tell me that were there contact.

  3. spacebornenet

    Alonso’s wing disintegrated just after Webber passed, there was no contact. Alonso’s onboard footage shows the situation much clearer than the front-on view: /watch?v=P8rVCysG_Kg

  4. James Pennington

    It was Webber yes, and his tire made slight contact with Alonso’s already damaged wing helping the failure to be complete. As far as being an idiot we all have idiosyncrasy’s.

  5. James Pennington

    The wing on Alonso’s car was already damaged. He was holding Vetel up. They where side by side several times. Vetel made an agressive move to his right and touched the already failing wing while passing. Vetel was lucky not to cut his tire. Alonso had to know the wing was damaged. He could have drove to the pits.

  6. mappa mondo

    I don’t think so, and I don’t remember Piquet crash. Anyway mass-media let we undestand some details or facts that feed public opinin and other kind of analysis… Well, as you know Formula 1 is the Sport where sponsors and partnerships are essentials. Piquet and Raikkonen cases depend on the choices of the Scuderie, Formula 1 management, and companies/manufacturers needs or requirements.
    p.s: today…very nice podium in Shangai: 1st Ferrari, 2nd Lotus, 3rd Mercedes.

  7. TheBazooka120

    its always fun to see where all alonso fanboys will say after an accident that it was the other problem is, of course, Alonso, because he does not make mistakes…

  8. EpicLiima

    Yes but they told Piquet to crash to the wall. And without Santander Alonso wouldn’t been driving in Ferrari for the last couple of years. The bank bought Kimi out with a huge amount of money.

  9. Peppi Wlad

    now that the system that Alonso used were used by McLaren Ferrari and Honda ._.

  10. alvarokas

    Just another prick trying to sound interesting, using false rumours to catch attention. Get lost loser.

  11. mappa mondo

    Hey man, you’re talking about Renault! But that year in Singapore he didn’t crash…he got near crash while drifting…Correct? What did you mean or refer with Santander?

  12. EpicLiima

    The Crash Gate in Singapore, Santander, “This is ridiculous!”, “I give up.” Won 2006 championship with illegal car and 2005 was just easy because McLaren’s car was not reliable enough. No respect for this guy. Has not deserved anything

  13. mappa mondo

    If you had read the discussion between me and DeathAngel tou hadn’t written this last post. I know what you mean, but it’s not Alonso crying, it’s the Formula 1 rule book! What’s more, today for safety reasons, Formula 1 cars are controlled by super computers. So risks and skills are restricted.

  14. EpicLiima

    Envy, eh? I don’t respect Alonso as a driver at all! Too much politics and so much crying. Not cool!

  15. DeathAngel297

    Oddio ho letto il tuo commento ma non lo vedo più, youtube caro che funzioni sempre di meno, comunque anch’io, purtroppo, abbandonai la poi essendomi riavvicinato e in conseguenza innamorato non mi perdo più niente, il migliore sport secondo me…

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