Fernando Alonso has productive day on simulator

McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso has tweeted his delight after spending a highly productive day at the simulator ahead of his return to action for the team following a horrific crash in practice before the start of the season opening Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso had been recuperating after suffering a concussion following the crash during pre-season testing and as he looks to make a fast comeback to the cockpit, he spent much time on Wednesday behind the wheels on the simulator, tweeting that he had a very productive day with lots of meetings and simulation work.

But just behind the wheels on the simulator will not be enough for Alonso to race at the Malaysian Grand Prix as he will have to pass several rigorous medical tests before he will be given the all clear certificate to return to action.

The 33 year old former double world champion spent three days in hospital following the crash. Fernando Alonso is planning to go through all those tests during this week as he prepares to return to competitive racing for his new team at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It is very normal for drivers to prepare for races on a simulator but for Alonso, it gave him a glimpse of whether his senses had returned to full normalcy and if they were in any condition to race on race day.

According to sources close to Fernando Alonso, he was extremely concerned with the crash, the causes of which are still be determined and especially with the fact that he lost his memory for sometime after regaining consciousness.

Alonso will be hoping that it was just minor blip and he will be back behind the wheels of a car as he attempts to get the team from the back of the pack to championship contenders.

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