Fernando Alonso In New Season

When a racing company seems to be winning most of the titles there is little doubt that most drivers want to be part of the winning bandwagon.

However, latest news showcases the fact that Fernando Alonso is not leaving McLaren though he also has an offer to join Mercedes. The news confirms that Fernando will not leave the team in the middle of a season. This is as per comments made by Martin Brundle. The comment goes to show that Fernando is definitely joining up with Mercedes in the coming year.

Alonso was in the news last when he criticized the power unit suppliers who work with Honda. Being a double world champion in his comments stirred up concerns and debates. Working with McLaren he criticized the engines that he felt lacked reliability and power. However, even if his team is underperforming, he is not leaving immediately. Alonso and his team have been having issues.

The tests they have run have been slow as per the number of laps the vehicles completed in a certain time span. Of course, many feel that McLaren is paying him well and his only problems lie with the performances of the vehicles which might be a reason for their last spate of poor performances.

There is rumor that he would be angling for Bottas’ job at Mercedes as he has been handed a one year contract. Bottas joined Mercedes last winter in order to take up the position of Nico Rosberg who announced his retirement. Alonso is considered to be one of the top talents on the grid, but luck seems to be avoiding him since 2013. When his current contract expires with McLaren it is only to be assumed that he would be joining Mercedes team, which is one of the most competitive teams in the circuit.