Fernando Alonso & Sebastian Vettel F1 Gp Italia 2011 intervista faccia a faccia entrevista Interview

Fernando Alonso Video Rating: four / five

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25 Comments on “Fernando Alonso & Sebastian Vettel F1 Gp Italia 2011 intervista faccia a faccia entrevista Interview”

  1. maryxx039

    il mio grande fernando!!! e vero sebastian lui e un pilota veramente completo 😀 grande alonso sei unico <3

  2. ADIGA888

    @MyTuomas Kimi 2 years 1 champ don’t forget the rules had changed the cars become more stupidly when alonso moved to Ferrari!

  3. joshua9312

    I think Fernando was joking about the Fiat 500 bit. Hahaha. I don’t think Seb realised that.. Haha.

  4. GalaxyPowerTy

    i thougut Seb is overrated driver ever. But he has done goo job , and overtakes.
    At now i think he is a great driver. But I still think Alonso is the best driver.
    So i hope RB8 level equal to Ferrari car and i hope to see ALO vs SEB.

  5. 91jb12

    All the talk about Alonso being complete… I hope so, he’s done 170-odd races, Seb has done 70-odd. Question is, is Vettel the most complete 24 year old ever? (or is he at least More complete than Alonso at 24 yrs old

  6. irundohc

    VET said, ‘at least something’….not Lewis Hamilton.
    It didn’t even remotely sound like ‘Lewis Hamilton’.

  7. GalaxyPowerTy

    Did Alonso understand what Seb said “infinity”?
    alonso may misundestand”infinity” = no limited.
    “infinity” is a car bland of NISSAN and RENAURANT

  8. GalaxyPowerTy

    The two greatdrivers.
    Everyone wished era of Alonso and Hamilton.
    But as to Hamilton, he is over……..im sorry for Hamilton was beaten by jenson.
    Now that most people think Alonso Vettel , what a rivaly

  9. rock54326789

    i like them both. Seb amazing driver and very cute! but i wish Fernando won in italy and Ferrari will always be me and my dads favorite!!

    so funny 2!!

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