Fernando Alonso Vs. Lewis Hamilton – HD.

Fernando Alonso Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Balnazzardi

    I would say that based on both quali and race speed, Vettel is the number-1
    at the moment…for sure you can say that “its only because of the car”,
    but I bet that 2014 will truly show that Vettel is capable of doing great
    results with car that is not the best…cause it really looks like Red Bull
    is going to play catch up atleast for the first part of the season.

    As for who comes behind Vettel, is it Kimi, Alonso or Hamilton, I would
    say that is more arguable question….Both Kimi and Alonso need to improve
    their qualifying., but on the other hand both have time and again showed
    that they can get everything out of their car in races and are the most
    consistent drivers…Hamilton on the other hand is the best in qualifying
    along with Vettel, but sometimes his race-pace is not as great as Alonso’s
    or Kimi’s.

    But anyway there is no question whatsoever that those 4 are the best
    drivers, if some-one is above the rest, I would say its Vettel, but not by
    huge margin.

  2. Dam351

    wow, jus wanted to say nice vid. But look wat these fans r saying. A few
    hrs ago I enjoyed waiting til 4am for start of montreal gp. if u worked out
    the timezone gd 4u, im strayan. so heres sum recent quotes “Seb let Daniel
    passed hes QIKR than U” “well that’s tough luck …” That was horner to
    vet, & Vettle reply, at mid race both rbr in average positions. Yeh Seb
    ‘blown diffuser’ Vettle, is only waiting for newbie to find loopholes
    allowing him to win again.

  3. luskentyre1984

    I feel that with all the changes, that 2014 could be the year we see this
    feud reignite 

  4. Ariel Zelada

    Two of the best drivers in my opinion. I think they will be the top
    candidates cor the title along with Kimi and Jenson. It will all come down
    to not just driver experience, it will come down to who will make the right
    decision with these new rules this year.

  5. Amber Savant

    F1 cars are made for speed…but watching them move in slow motion with
    this music is a brilliant feeling too! Thanks Man!

  6. Jason Chatto

    Any single driver who is better than Webber would of won 4 world titles in
    the Redbull. Which is probably 80% of all of the drivers. No way on earth
    would Vettel have beaten Alonso or Hamilton if they had been his team mate.

  7. P.T.SPolePosition .PVP

    Alonso being my all time favourite will always have my biased opinion but
    what’s happening this season?

  8. uzumaki minatoTHEFOURTH

    this two are the best at the moment showing the maximum from their shitty
    cars last 2 years

  9. Maarttiin

    Alonso is the best, in equal terms, lasts years both with terrible cars
    under the dominance of Red Bull, Alonso was the only one who fought in
    multiple times the championship.

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