Fernando Alonso Vs. Lewis Hamilton, The Moments Of The Rivalry

Fernando Alonso Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Comments on “Fernando Alonso Vs. Lewis Hamilton, The Moments Of The Rivalry”

  1. riurijjir

    This is what made f1 exciting. Now, it’s forbidden to overtake, it’s all gone down to Procession. Start with Red Bull, end with HRT. Boring ,boring, boring.

  2. x420Raptor1

    He tied points with alonso as a rookie when Gonzo was in his prime off the back of two world championships… says it all.

  3. sam30stig

    @MIKAELF1 Fernando Alonso is a great driver, but you cannot compare him to Hamilton like that because Hamilton wasn’t in the sport when Alonso won his 2 championships.

  4. imnotftw

    @GalaxyPowerTy hamilton is better than vettel. It goes alonso Hamilton Button. JB has been in f1 for 11 years though and lewis is much younger he still has a lot more years to go.

  5. GalaxyPowerTy

    everyone watched F1? Now that Jenson is faster than Lewis.
    Alonso Button Vettel these are top drivers


    @DimitrisD007 i was a schumaher fan…. about 20 years ago.. and now i like hamiltion better!!

  7. titiminmin

    McLaren was happier of a Raikkonen’s championship than Alonso … Anyway Ron Dennis was anti-Alonso and he loose everything this year… I hope that next year Alonso and Hamilton will fight (and with button,vettel and schumi also^^) and of course I hope Fernando will win !

  8. Euclides287

    @0303940 Not really. Vettel did what he did to Alonso coz he was more than 100 points ahead. No pressure what so ever! Hamilton does that whether is 1 or 100 pionts ahead. Look at China and Germany wich by the way, is so far the best grand prix this season.

  9. joeyc14m

    Please check my video, Lewis Hamilton Vs Sebastian Vettel amazing laps from both, Monaco and Malaysia. 2 awesome laps.

  10. johnnyboy3600

    We need more fights like this! All the time Vettels up front, about 30000 seconds in the lead with no cars behind him for about 800 miles, its boring. Theres no fight for 1st place. This season has been utter boring. I hate Vettel with a vengance because he is arrogant and cries EVERY time he is 2nd or less. He is so cocky with his annoying finger. I hate him!

  11. corkey159

    Both brilliant drivers, but Alonso was such a pathetic little git that season. Lost all respect I had for him, gained very little of it back since.

  12. GalaxyPowerTy

    The last race , Monza 2011, Hamilton vs Schumacher , that battle looks like Fernando vs schumacher in 2005 2006 season.
    i think this means , Alonso and Hamilton , they got over the same wall(schumacher).
    This is very sentimental.
    We will be able to see the great title race Alonso and Hamilton in 2012 with out fuking redbulls

  13. x420Raptor1

    best two drivers in F1 absolutely brilliant , fuck vettel he is a fucking shit driver compared to these guys he just has the fastest fucking car and hes RUINING F1, i hope sebastien and all his family fucking die the piece of shit.

  14. Euclides287

    @juanvictortoca It´s not difficult to try that move on Fernando when you are hundreds of points ahead of the rest! The thing is, Hamilton and Alonso,especially Lewis make those kind of overtakes much more often. I´m 100% sure that Vettel would NEVER make such a risky move if he had a 10 or 20 points advantage. I reckon will see him doing it more often until the end of the season coz he can afford to do it now. Just don´t hope to see him finishing a race if he does that to Schumacher! LOL

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