Fernando Alonso vs. Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. bonzie1645

    @UnmockablePanda i’m not trying to connect either drivers to one another like alonso-prost or lewis-senna, i’m just trying to remind people what rivalry alonso and hamilton has created because the alonso-hamilton rivalry were created because of hatred to each other just like the prost-senna rivalry. plus one common denominator on them is they were teammates at mclaren with the other one walking away because of ego and other issues. brother i know what i’m doing here so don’t take this seriously.

  2. UnmockablePanda

    @bonzie1645 No no no no. Senna did his crazy Balls Out shit just like Lewis does his Balls out shit today.
    Alonso and Prost won their titles because of their fastest cars. Senna and Lewis are much better racers.
    It should be Alonso vs. Hamilton= Prost vs. Senna.

  3. BonakiD24

    @FormulaOneFan4Eva No Offence Bro But If Hamilton Is in that RedBull I’ll Bet Everything i possible can Thats he will win Not every races But maybe half of it.

  4. Charlesburg78

    Pp2devane, I agree!, I would love to see Lewis in the same car as vettel, what a season that would be.

  5. tamayeahs

    @FormulaOneFan4Eva The fact if alonso in the red bull car is he would cry and whine about vettel just like he did to rookie hamilton and yes, sebastian will NOT confirm the message such “Fernando is faster than you”.

  6. pp2devane

    Both are brilliant. If either of them were in Red Bull (replacing Webber) they’d have won every race with Vettel 2nd. Both as good as each other. But Don’t forget that Lewis is far less experienced (Alonso joined F1 in 2001 and Lewis joined in 2007)

  7. Charlesburg78

    Alonso is so good, but Lewis made him look average in his first season! He’s born to race, and born to win! And don’t tell me f1 hasn’t become 100times more interesting since he joined

  8. AndreTorme

    Come on Hamilton! Show what you are…a real phenom…like 2007 and 2008.

    I will be a fan of him till he leave F1, he is a real driver,

  9. shelleyslater

    @sindrisvaa I must disagree. Yes, Massa is rubbish, but a better team mate could take points off Alonso. What Ferrari need is a driver to do as you said – take points off other drivers, but tactically and strategically that is very very difficult…..

  10. TheMikeakers

    @shelleyslater oops, ur right i am sorry dude…i jst have such an intense hatred for hamilton, i get blinded with rage when people even have the cheek to make videos comparing him to the great alonso, god i hope fernando gets 2nd place this year!!!

  11. shelleyslater

    @TheMikeakers Dude, you need to read my comment again………yo soy una fan del Alonso!!!! The bet is that Hamilton WOULD NOT be better than Alonso

  12. nickJod1234

    @sindrisvaa It is not up to Felipe to win Fernando’s championships for him. If you were Fernando’s teammate, would you bow down to him for a team that show no care for you. Or would you go for what you believe in and try and win as best you can. Yes, Felipe didn’t win anything, but things have worked out to make Felipe look a lot worse than he really is. Felipe is the one who has been affected by that accident not Fernando – he’s fine.

  13. sindrisvaa

    @nickJod1234 I guess no one at the moment, But I’m curious to know though what would happen if we could see Alonso on a red bull car, Since I feel that car has a much more grip on tracks and so on… What Alonso need though is a better partner, Ferrari should throw Massa away since he’s been absolutely useless since that horrible accident., If Alonso had a better partner last year he would have been a World champion last year in my opinion. Massa isn’t taking point of Vett, ham , button….

  14. TheMikeakers

    @shelleyslater fuck off. i’l take that bet, hamitlons shit!!! he hasnt had an incident free race this year, n before u reply sayin its coz he’s “daring” or “aggresive”, he not…… he’s reckless, he doesnt overtake, he goes for he crash n hopes the otha guy gets out the way. god i hope mclaren drop him next year!!!!

  15. nickJod1234

    Its true, Fernando’s points are higher than Lewis’s – again. But many factors are involved – one of them is that Lewis has taken bigger risks than anyone, but it hasn’t always paid off. Fernando thinks more in driving situations “Should I risk crashing? Or just stay and score valuable points.”
    But honestly – who can touch Vettel at the moment?

  16. mysticusa

    @shelleyslater i ll take the bet, and say Hamilton would be better in F150 and RBX cars if he ever were in any of them. After alonso/ham hungary clash ferrari even approached ham, that would be hilarious to see massa being ham’s bitch 🙂

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