Kamui Kobayashi – “Leeroy Jenkins” overtake of Fernando Alonso – Brazilian F1. 25 Nov 2012

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25 Comments on “Kamui Kobayashi – “Leeroy Jenkins” overtake of Fernando Alonso – Brazilian F1. 25 Nov 2012”

  1. BlawBlinBoe

    If Hulkenberg did this everyone would be creaming themselves. Koba did this
    on a regular basis, qualified regularly in Q3 and scored 60+ points but got
    kicked out of F1.

  2. LeJimster

    Twitmarsh is a dullard, he said he didn’t consider Kobayashi a candidate
    worthy of a McLaren drive.

  3. Mr. Cool - Minigame Expert

    So let me get this straight… Kamui Kobayashi, 3 years at sauber, LOTS of
    F1 experience. doesn’t receive no contract offers and has to leave the
    sport. Sergio Perez.. 2 years at Sauber barely any F1 experience. Get a
    contract offer from McLaren. FUCKING MCLAREN!! WTF1

  4. BDávid19

    Yeah, and he held Fernando until the Finish straight, which one was a real
    power overtaking… 😉 Why didn’t record that,hm? 😀

  5. MalayanTapir

    I hope so too. Kobayashi would rock in a Lotus. Also, if paired up with
    Kimi, Lotus would have the most exciting driver lineup in the grid.

  6. jbrodie28

    it’s this video of some guys playing world of warcraft, one of them goes
    head first into some sort of enemy layer shouting ‘leeroy jenkins’ so its
    become a sort of by-word for anything kamikaze in nature.

  7. syafiquesoon

    I reckon it’s this stuff about a gamer who was gunning straight into the
    battlefield forcing his teammates to back him up.

  8. Brendan Zivcic

    Yes, Leeroy Jenkins is in reference to a World of Warcraft Internet meme. I
    posted a link to the video in the post of the youtube video –

  9. 4JUGE4

    In the same race he did a wonderful overtake against vettel and webber
    together 🙂 ….. I want Kobayashi in a top team 🙂 !

  10. F1RickyC

    David Croft is a hero… Leeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. matsunagake618

    Oh Kamui did it again!i love his spirit:) ahh What is Leeroy Jenkins? Can
    anyone tell me about it?

  12. LeJimster

    We need Kamui back in F1.. There are not many drivers who have his kinda of
    passion and flare for overtaking. Come on Stefano, give him a shot please

  13. ZEALRR

    ドライ路面のアロンソをウェット路面で抜いた可夢偉は評価に値する。 F1に戻ってくるべき!

  14. JordanJamesAW

    this was one of Kamui’s best races, even if he messed up towards the end. I
    bet Sauber were kicking themselves

  15. LeJimster

    Could you imagine what he would be capable of with a good car? The Sauber
    on outright pace wasn’t even in the top 10 runners in Brazil yet he was
    overtaking championship contenders on the wet lines in much faster cars
    throughout the race. I really do hope the Lotus rumour comes true.

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