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Fernando Alonso believes that his McLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team were able to make the most of their given available time while on the first free practice session and did some necessary tests aimed towards their 2017 challenger on Friday at the Yas Marina Circuit.

The conditions in FP1 held on Friday did not really cover all that the drivers will face on the race day, thus, the team made use of the opportunity to carry out a few experiments on the track, with next year as their major focus.

“As a team, we need to take every opportunity we can to test things on the track for next year,” Alonso said.

“We need to learn and understand as much as we can about configurations or philosophies that we can put into next year’s car.”

During the second practice (FP2), the team switched focus to this weekend, with Alonso finishing in the eleventh position, just outside of the top ten and ahead of fellow team mate, Jenson Button.

Alonso also believes that FP2 helped his team learn more about their tyres especially as they were used in similar conditions as with what they would be experiencing in the race. Continue reading ALONSO HOPESTEAM CAN MAINTAIN THEIR MOMENTUM

Fernando Alonso has productive day on simulator

McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso has tweeted his delight after spending a highly productive day at the simulator ahead of his return to action for the team following a horrific crash in practice before the start of the season opening Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso had been recuperating after suffering a concussion following the crash during pre-season testing and as he looks to make a fast comeback to the cockpit, he spent much time on Wednesday behind the wheels on the simulator, tweeting that he had a very productive day with lots of meetings and simulation work.

But just behind the wheels on the simulator will not be enough for Alonso to race at the Malaysian Grand Prix as he will have to pass several rigorous medical tests before he will be given the all clear certificate to return to action.

The 33 year old former double world champion spent three days in hospital following the crash. Fernando Alonso is planning to go through all those tests during this week as he prepares to return to competitive racing for his new team at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Continue reading Fernando Alonso has productive day on simulator

Fernando Alonso Aiming At Becoming a Formula One Great Once Again

Fernando Alonso may b able to win a world title only if he joins team McLaren.

Alonso had a bitter previous experience with the team but that is not likely to keep him from joining the team. Alonso quit the team after having problems with Lewis Hamilton who was a newcomer to the team. Alonso is willing to forget that season. Lewis Hamilton currently races for Mercedes team. Jensen Button and Alonso will be paired up for the upcoming season. Button is currently 34 years old, he became a Formula one champion in the year 2008.

Alonso said regarding his first time experience with the team that he is much more matured now than he was seven years before when he quit the team. Alonso is now 33 years old and he said that he has learnt quite a few things that he didn’t know when he was 25 years old. Alonso said that he is not what he used to be 7 years before and he further added that Jenson Button is not like Lewis Hamilton which means that it is not likely that he’ll have a problem with Button. Alonso said that one must retrospect and learn from the past mistakes. Alonso considers that it is time for him to focus on his future and also become more competitive. He said that he should also focus on being happy as well. Alonso considers that he is ready for the contest against McLaren-Honda. He also thinks that it won’t be hard and that they are likely to win.

Jensen Button has said that he is eager to race alongside Fernando Alonso who he regards as an experienced driver. Button thinks that he and Alonso will be able to work very well together. Button is sure that Alonso will do his best to become a Formula one great once again.