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Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has revealed that he believes this year’s plethora of F1 winners is threatening the credibility of the sport. The 2012 season has the potential to become one of the most interesting and hotly contested for a long time, but this is not without its downsides, according to the Spanish double world champion.

The opening 6 races have seen 6 different winners, something that has never happened before in Formula 1 racing. While most people see this as a great development, with many more teams than usual being competitive enough to challenge for podium spots, not everyone is of the same opinion.

“It’s a fantastic season, it’s so unpredictable,” said Alonso. “I think people stand in front of the TV, with some surprises every race. It’s good for the audience, it’s good for the sport to bring attention to the races. On the other hand we can lose credibility. We cannot lose that the best teams, the best drivers, the best strategies win the races, because at the moment from the outside it seems that in every race anyone can win. “It doesn’t matter the talent, it doesn’t matter the team, the performance — it’s like a lottery. What you achieve in Formula One is not by chance. We need to make clear that if you win a race, it’s because you did something better. And I don’t think at the moment that this is clear for everybody.”

The Spaniard’s opinion is likely to be shared only by the traditionally strong teams however. Most teams, particularly the ones which have significantly raised their performances this season will be delighted at the levelling of the playing field. It also seems likely that the current fine balance between several teams is unlikely to last – one or another will almost certainly make the next major breakthrough in design or strategy earlier than the others which means the current situation is unlikely to last until the end of the season. Until then the big drivers such as Alonso will have to raise their game and accept the fact that there are new faces in the fight for the Championship!