Trying out Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari F1 simulator

Fernando Alonso Video clip Rating: four / five

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19 Comments on “Trying out Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari F1 simulator”

  1. almostfm

    “fantastic for concentration skills”..

    Now, we’d like you to conduct an interview while driving.

  2. Sebastian Heit

    It’s been years since the last time I felt so uncomfortable watching a
    video. Poor guy.

  3. stanfordcoffee

    Wish they would’ve got a interviewer with more F1 knowledge, and someone
    who can actually drive a car. How cool this be to have in your “shed”?

  4. majnu100

    why does he keep saying Alonso? Do the BBC people call people by their
    surnames and only use acronyms like DC, JC?

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