Williams looking to claim their lost glory

Sir Frank Williams and Patrick Head were the main figures who were responsible for the foundation of the Williams Formula One racing team and their debut was in the year 1977. Over the years the cars have used engines from some of the leading companies. However the strongest point of the team is their research and the use of advanced engineering goods has helped in escalating their performance on the track. A number of legendary drivers have been associated with the team. The new force in their ranks is obviously the presence of Pat Symonds who is hungry to make an impact with his new team. He may be at the twilight of his career but he is determined to help the Williams team become a formidable force once again. The squad has failed to win any major championships in the last few years and their position in the table of constructor’s has been on the decline. It has been almost a year that Symonds has been associated with this team and he believes that his contribution has been mainly in increasing the communication between various departments and getting the best people together to ensure a good performance when it matters the most.

The Singapore Grand Prix is being considered as one of the best performances by the Williams performance chief Rob Smedley since he has taken over the job. Felipe Massa claimed the fifth position while his teammate Valtteri Bottas failed to score any points but showed promise of doing so throughout. However his tyres were destroyed due to a steering problem and he failed to complete the race among the top few. Smedley sounded very optimistic about his team’s future in the near future. He believes that this is only the beginning and his team is going to come out with flying colors at the end of the season.